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Training Venue:

Klinik Kissey

2nd Floor, Lot 15, Block B, Plaza Grand Millennium, Jalan Donggongon By-pass, Penampang, Sabah


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Sifu Bernie Kissey

+6 010 8381889


Email :



Health, Internal Force, Self Defence and Personal Development


  1. Appreciate and experience that Taijiquan is not a dance.

  2. Appreciate and experience that every Taijiquan movement is a training of energy and mind.

  3. Be able to perform Taijiquan movements with balance and grace.

  4. Have some experience of energy flow and internal force.

  5. Appreciate that Taijiquan can be used for combat as well as spiritual cultivation.


To apply:  Contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel: 010 8381889

Please provide your full name, date of birth, gender, occupation, contact details and address.  This course is meant for those who are relatively healthy, with or without martial art background.  It is also excellent for students who have been practising Shaolin chi kung and as a preparation for students who may attend the Basic Intensive Taijiquan Course with the Grandmaster.

Note that this intensive Taijiquan course is meant for those at instructors' levels or with at least three years of Taijiquan experience. Beginners who wish to take the course must work extra hard to compensate for their lack of experience.

While results can be felt during the course itself, lasting effects and of a high standard can be obtained only if the students continue practicing what they have learnt for at least a few months, if not years. No one can be proficient in Taijiquan by merely attaining an intensive course. The purpose of the course is to provide students with fundamental skills and techniques; subsequent diligent practice is necessary.


Course objectives :

  1. To provide some understanding of Taijiquan as a martial art, a philosophy of life, and a way of spiritual cultivation, irrespective of race, culture and religion.

  2. To be able to perform Taijiquan with balance and gracefulness.

  3. To learn and practice some internal force training.

  4. To appreciate that Taijiquan can be used for self-defence.

Course Syllabus :   Level 1 - 6 in our Fundamental Wahnam Taijiquan Syllabus.

Course Structure : Fundamental Wahnam Taijiquan Syllabus

Class Schedule :  2 hours session once a week.   There is a monthly intake for each level, so please check first to ensure an available class.

Course fee : Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey for more information.

For private class: If you have a group who would like to learn genuine Taijiquan (and not taichi dance), please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel +6 010 8381889 or email to .


Course content :


Fundamentals of Wahnam Taijiquan


Basic Chi Kung for health and vitality

3 Basic patterns of Hand strikes and counter
4 Basic Stances
5 Correct Footwork
6 Basic Taijiquan sets
7 Art of Flexibility
8 Stance training
9 Spacing, Timing, Breath Coordination
10 Safety first, Gradual progress, Flow of movement, Quick decision making, Instant modification
11 Principles of Force Training

Sparring mode


Basic Kicking attacks and counter

14 Basic Holds and Throws techniques
15 Elegance and Speed
16 Special techniques e.g. Pressing, Exploiting strategies and Feign tactics













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