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KISSEY multi purpose Hall


Jalan Bukit VOR. Lot G192, Lorong Cempaka, Kampung Contoh, Petagas, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah




Sifu Bernie Kissey

+6 010 8381889


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Shaolin Wahnam Sabah

Sifu Bernie Kissey


Transmitting skills to attain Mental Clarity and Internal Force (Vitality Energy), the two ingredients that anyone  (especially those leaders of the home, business, community) needs to bring fruition to visions while manoeuvring the energy-intensive and mentally stressful worldly terrain of today.


Shaolin Wahnam Sabah Chi Kung class


Sifu Bernie Kissey is a Disciple of world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit who was the Recipient of "Qigong Master of the Year" award at the 2nd World Qigong Congress in USA, 1997.   Also trained as a Healer, Sifu Bernie is certified to teach the Shaolin Arts of Chi Kung (Qigong), Taijiquan and Kungfu. 


Sifu Bernie has attended multiple Intensive Chi Kung courses, the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu courses, the Intensive Taijiquan courses, the Art of Teaching Course, the Special Chi Kung Healing Course, the Shaolin Dragon Strength Course, the Shaolin 36 Leg Techniques Course, the Special Weapons Course, the Shaolin Chin-Na Course (Guangzhou), the Special Chi Kung Course for VIPs (Guangzhou), the Special Tantui Course, the Essence of Shaolin Course, the Small Universe & Big Universe Courses, the Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Practitioner Course and the Special Intensive Lion Dance Course.


She has also appeared in the "GELANGGANG" national TV series to promote awareness on the ancient Art of Chi Kung as a complementary health programme for physical and mental well-being in modern living.


Shaolin Wahnam aim to share the benefits of the Shaolin arts to all deserving students irrespective of age, gender, culture or religion.  For more than a decade, Shaolin Wahnam Sabah has successfully organised courses attended by international participants. These include the Intensive Chi Kung Courses, Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Courses, Intensive Taijiquan Courses and Specialized / Advance Kungfu Courses.


Currently, Sifu Bernie Kissey is teaching group and private classes in Chi Kung, Shaolin Kung Fu and the All Ladies Elite Health class in Sabah as well as private classes in Australia and Oman. 



"A Shaolin disciple, is trained to be courteous and considerate, brave and righteous, assess problems and situations with calmness and clarity, and attend to duties with zest and loyalty. While the philosophy of many martial arts mainly focuses on how to be stoic and hurt the opponent, Shaolin philosophy teaches gentleness and a love for life. The twin pillars of Shaolin philosophy are compassion and wisdom."  ~ Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


With gratitude to my teacher, GRANDMASTER WONG KIEW KIT. A Living Legend, Grandmaster Wong is also an international best-selling author. His writing is clear and a pleasure to read.  Penang , April 2019 .

Smile from the Heart!

The Special Intensive Lion Dance Course, June 2019

Classes in Highfields, Queensland June / July 2019

The Small and Big Universe Course, April 2019

Photo : A rare opportunity for students of Shaolin Wahnam Sabah to meet the Grandmaster (April 2017)

Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Practitioner , December 2018

Introduction to Quantum Energy Alignment by Sifu Andrew Barnett , December 2018

Essence of Shaolin Course (Group 1) , December 2017

The Small and Big Universe Course, December 2017

Sifu Bernie's students from Sabah attending ICKC with the Grandmaster, Penang Nov 2016

Photo : RTM crew with some Shaolin Wahnam Sabah members for the Malaysian Martial Arts TV documentary "Gelanggang" shooting, August 2016

with our Shaolin Wahnam Honorary secretary, Wei Foong Sije and Sifu Laura of Spain

Special Kung Fu  course (Chin-Na), Foh San, October 2016

Chi Kung course for VIPs , Twin Dragon Resort, Guangzhou October 2016

Special Weapons course, June 2016

Special Shaolin Tantui course, August 2017


The ladies of the Intensive Taijiquan Course, March 2016

Shaolin Wahnam Sabah students with Sifu Irene Bassal

with Sifu Wong Chun Nga (Kuala Lumpur), Sifu Angel (Puerto Rico), Sifu Emiko (Japan / Canada) , Dr Roseline and Dr Damian .

With Ruben (Spain), Chris (UK), Mindagaus (Lithunia), Sifu Irene (Switzerland), Sifu Eugene (USA), Sifu Chunga (Malaysia), Eugen (Germany), Sifu Angel (Puerto Rico) and George (Russia)

with the lovely ladies from Shaolin Wahnam Japan and Canada

with Datin Mariam, Idamar, Sifu Eugene (USA), Sifu Yazdi (Dubai) and Sifu Chunga

with the Grandmaster, Sifu Dr Foong Tuck Meng of Holistic Health Cultivation Centre (Kuala Lumpur),  Dr Damian and Dr Roseline

with Simu, Sifu Wong Chun Nga and Dr Roseline

with Sifu Joan Browne, Chief Instructor Shaolin Wahnam Ireland and beautiful Shaolin sisters at the Chikung Healing course

with Sifu Emiko Hsuen, Chief Instructor (Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan), Shaolin Wahnam Canada

with Sifu Zhang Wuji, of Singapore and Sifu Angel G. Pérez Oliveras of Puerto Rico at the Dragon Strength course

with Sifu Hussain Ali Al-Musallam of Saudi Arabia and Sifu Mark Blohm of Taiwan at an Intensive Shaolin Kungfu course

Beautiful and joyous smiles of Shaolin sisters at the Art of Teaching course

Last updated December 2020